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Pre 60s Cars and Parts


Rare Part Sourcing

We love parts. The rarer the better. From pitman arms to tie rods, from master cylinders to wheel cylinders, from ball joints to king pins. We also work closely with other private new old stock suppliers/collectors in North America. In other words, if we don’t have it, we can probably find it for you. Everything is worth a phone call – no part too small!

Complete Brake, Steering, and Suspension Packages

Our inventory is so vast that we can provide you with all replacement parts needed for the job. We’re happy to build you complete part packages so you don’t have to find all the pieces on their own.

Insurance and Ministry Appraisals

We offer in-house or on-location appraisal services for all classic, custom, and hot rod cars and trucks. We are fully licensed with over 75 years combined automotive experience.

Safety and Pre-Purchase Inspections

We can’t stress the importance of a pre-purchase inspection. Before you buy any vehicle (especially a hot rod or classic car!) you should have an expert like Pre60s inspect and report any and all findings to make sure you know what your buying. We are licensed by the government of Ontario to certify any road worthy vehicle and offer these services in-house only.

General Service and Mechanical Repairs

Pre60s has over 75 years of combined experience performing mechanical repairs on all sorts of vehicles. If you have a classic car or truck, give us a call to book it in.