Pre Sixties Vintage Auto Supply: What type of vehicle do you have?
Glenn Lyons: I have 1939 Mercury Deluxe Coupe.

Can you give us some history of your car or truck? Where did you find it? How long have you owned it?
The car was imported from the USA about 12 years ago. It was put up for sale by the US owners as a fund raiser to support a family whose young daughter was going through cancer treatment. It was an original car on arrival but the new Aussie owner completely restored it as a 1960s style sled. 4″ chop, improved 8BA flathead, Vertex Magneto, tri-power strombergs, Fenton headers, C4 transmission and 9″ rear. I bought it last year during COVID. So 1 year of ownership now.

What work has been done? What work have you done?
Over the winter here in Canberra I have rebuilt the top end of the motor as their was a porosity problem with water leaking into the combustion chamber in four of the cylinders.

Do you have any work planned for the future?
I plan to re-do the interior from fabric to leather ( dark chocolate ).

What’s a favourite memory with your car or truck?
This is the first 1930s car that I have ever owned. I remember the day I first went to see it and test drive and thought to myself how amazing it was, that I could consider buying it.

Anything else you’d like to share?
The Mercury is one of four classic cars my wife and I own. 1964 Ford Falcon 2 Door, 1958 MGA roadster, 1958 Morris Minor 1000.