Pre Sixties Vintage Auto Supply: What type of vehicle do you have?
1968 Chevrolet Impala

Can you give us some history of your car or truck?
These Chevy’s were sold as Right Hand Drive units by our Australian General Motors Holden dealers. There is a real Canadian connection with our car as the Chevs of this era were sent out from GM Canada in Oshawa, Ontario in CKD (Completely Knocked Down) packs and used some local Australian components and the Australian labour to finish assembling them to keep the “local content percentage” correct for the government rules of the day.

As both Canada and Australia were Commonwealth countries the import tariff was lower than the cars being imported from G.M. in the U.S. I have a letter from G.M. Canada stating that 552 CKD Chevs were shipped in 1968. The cars were all 4 doors, either pillared or pillarless like ours. All equipped with : 327 250 HP/ PG trans /3.55 ratio 12 Bolt powertrains with Power Steer, Power drum brakes ,15″ x 6″ Rally wheels and AM radio. Air Conditioning was an option.
1969 was the last year of the CKD Chevs coming to Australia.

Where did you find it? How long have you owned it?
A friends Uncle had got it from the original owner, but couldn’t get it to run right and wanted out of it after only having it a short time. We got it on February 26th 1985.

What work has been done?
Rust work and paintwork / Air Conditioning fitted / Replace Powerglide with TH350 / Engine rebuilt / 15 x 8 Rally’s fitted / Lowered 1 and 1/2 inches / later model bucket seats fitted

What work have you done?
Paintwork/ Fit Engine / Fit TH350 / Fit AC ( I did not make up the hoses or gas it ) / Seats

Do you have any work planned for the future?
Maintain and Cruise!!

What’s a favourite memory with your car or truck?
The 1200 mile return cruise to the 2017 Kustom Nationals in Victoria