Pre Sixties Vintage Auto Supply: What type of vehicle do you have?
Ron Fast: 1956 Pontiac Station Wagon

Can you give us some history of your car or truck? Where did you find it? How long have you owned it?
I picked this car up in 1997 or 1998 thinking it would be an easy fix up while I collected parts for my Model A Sport Coupe. Boy was I wrong! I learned the hard way there is a big difference between Canadian and American models. My easy fix up took a couple of years; so much for working on the Model A. I got it on the road around 2000.

What work has been done? What work have you done?
It’s painted and has polished 5 spokes, a split bench out of an early 80’s LTD, and a 305 and a turbo 350 transmission. I installed a headliner, put some underpad with rubber floor mats and made some door panels out of ABS plastic. The car ran like this for a few years and went for an upgrade to a 350 and a 700R4. I upholstered the back seat and door panels so I could use the car for my sister’s wedding, still retaining the LTD’s seats and rubber mats on the floor. Over the years I have changed wheels twice, replaced front seats and transmission. I’ve never finished the interior (I’m a Upholsterer) – it’s 20 years plus with about 80,000 miles and I still love this car.

Do you have any work planned for the future?
One day I’d like to do the interior, but I might just leave for the next owner. I have a vintage air set up for it but all I connected was the heat part all the other parts are in the garage waiting for one day.

What’s a favourite memory with your car or truck?
My favorite memory with this car is every day I get to drive it. From road trips to Winnipeg and an other to Swift Current. The best part is going to the lumber yard and sliding in 10 foot boards while the next to me is trying to do the same thing with his $75,000 truck with a 6 foot box, and then I close my tailgate and smile. Now it’s time for the Model A.